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What is Acadian Seafood?

Our menu is a fusion of Nova Scotia's heritage, blending the zesty flavors of Cajun cuisine with the timeless elegance of English culinary traditions. We feature the finest fresh fish and seafood from the East Coast, infused with a vibrant Cajun twist.

How does Nova Scotia, an Eastern Canadian province, influence the Cajun essence, typically linked to Southern Louisiana? The connection lies in the historical journey of over 500,000 'Cajuns'. These descendants trace their roots back to a region known as "Acadia".

Founded by French settlers in 1605, Acadia was located in what is now Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia. This French colony eventually fell under British rule, and in 1755, many French colonists faced exile. While some returned to France, numerous others ventured south to Louisiana's bayous. Their descendants, the 'Cajuns', speak a unique form of French and maintain the rich cultural legacy of their forebears.

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