Bacardi, Myers Dark, Amaretto and  fruit juices.

A traditional favorite on

Bourbon Street


A House Made Spicy Mix with horseradish, Worchester, pickle juice,lemon juice, Cholula, pepper and Cajun spice.


Mac’s Mary  

House vodka garnished

with a lime


The Cajun  Mary  

Absolute Peppar & garnished with pickled okra, fried

andouille sausage and blue cheese stuffed olive


The Shack Attack   

Extra spicy with absolute Peppar & garnished with

pickled okra and a lime

  Signature Cocktails  


Canadian Prohibition

Canadian Club, Sweet vermouth,

orange bitters, muddled cherry,

sugar cube and orange slice

with orange twist


Irish Apple 

Jameson, Apple Pucker,

pineapple juice, ginger ale


French Quarter Manhattan  

Jim Beam Black, Brandy,

Benedictine, sweet vermouth 

and bitters with a twist


Dirty & Blue 

Dry & dirty Grey Goose martini

with blue cheese stuffed olives


Nutty Cajun  

Frangelico, Maker’s Mark, orange

bitters and soda with a cherry


Pomegranate Melon Stone Sour  

Pomegranate Pucker, Midori,

pineapple and orange juice and sour    

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