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Mac's is situated in Murphy's Crossing, a restored historical Saline landmark.  

Mac's opened its doors in August 1996 and has been a recognizable fixture ever since. The menu has been inspired by the Nova Scotia heritage, combining spicy Cajun cuisine with olde world English charm. Hence, the East Coast fresh fish and seafood with a Cajun flare. The coastal favorites include a wide selection of fresh fish delivered daily, oysters from numerous areas in the Northeast, and traditional fish-n-chips.


So, just how does the Eastern Canadian province of Nova Scotia inspire a "Cajun" spirit more commonly associated with southern Louisiana? Well, the over 500,000 "Cajuns" descended to the bayous of Louisiana from a region called "Acadia".


Where is "Acadia?"

The original colony of Acadia was established in 1605

by French settlers and centered in Eastern Province of Canada; present day Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia. This French colony was ceded to the British and in 1755 many of the French colonists were exiled. Some returned to their homeland, but many migrated south to the bayous of Louisiana, where their descendants, commonly known as 'Cajuns' speak an archaic form of French and still preserve the distinct culture of their ancestors.


So, 'spice it up' and try some of Mac’s Acadian creations; Freshly made gumbo, spicy Cajun shrimp, and hearty jambalaya just to name a few; oysters on the half shell, Fresh Fish, USDA Choice steaks, Burgers, Salads and Sandwiches. Finish up with a slice of homemade key lime pie, Bread pudding or chocolate mousse.


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Wally and Cindy MacNeil

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